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  • 现有哪些货币?
    ● USD ● MYR
  • 如何存款和提款?
    ● 使⽤USDT充值渠道以获取USD分数,并支持使用USDT洗分到虚拟货币平台
  • 关于兑换服务
    ● 通过兑换功能可将MYR转换为USD,或将USD转换为MYR ● ⽆需⽀付任何服务费
  • 汇率是否实时更新?
    ● 采用实时汇率,随时更换汇率
  • 转账⽀持
    ● USD ⾄ USD ● MYR ⾄ MYR
  • MYR和USD的礼码是否共用?
  • 可以使⽤礼码进⾏兑换吗?
  • 通过USD进⾏押注,打码量如何计算?
  • 能否使用USD分数进入MYR游戏?
  • 能否使用MYR分数进入USD游戏?
  • 免责声明
    ● 为保护存款和交易安全 WINBOX 公司,可能会根据汇率波动随时更改汇率 ● 本公司有权冻结或充公不正规交易 , 包括欺诈 , 作弊或违反游戏规则
  • Existing Currencies
    ● USD ● MYR
  • Deposits and Withdrawals
    ● Use the USDT deposit channel to acquire USD credits and support the use of USDT to convert credits to virtual currency platforms.
  • Exchange Services
    ● The exchange function allows you to convert MYR to USD or USD to MYR without paying any service fees.
  • Exchange Rate Updates
    ● Real-time exchange rates are adopted, subject to change at any time.
  • Transfer Support
    ● USD to USD ● MYR to MYR
  • Are MYR and USD credits shared for gift codes?
    No, they are not shared.
  • Can gift codes be used for exchanges?
    Exchange via gift codes is not supported.
  • How is the wagering requirement calculated when betting with USD?
    The wagering requirement is calculated based on the amount of USD wagered.
  • Can USD credits be used for MYR games?
    No, it is not supported.
  • Can MYR credits be used for USD games?
    No, it is not supported.
  • Disclaimer
    ● A: To ensure the security of deposits and transactions, WINBOX reserves the right to change exchange rates according to fluctuations. ● B: The company has the right to freeze or confiscate irregular transactions, including fraud, cheating, or violations of game rules.
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